Evaluation Clinics will be held at the Bill Bartley YMCA off of Southwest Parkway, WF. Weekend times are 2-4pm. Weekday times 6:30-8:30pm. EXCEPTION: July 25 times are 4:00-6:00pm; August 1 times are 4:30-6:30pm.

Players will have temperature taken prior to the start of the clinic. Parents and friends will NOT be allowed to stay due to COVID-19 guidelines.

The cost per player for each clinic is $50. Cost includes T-Shirt with the assigned number on the first visit (T-shirt MUST be worn on subsequent visits) and personal hand sanitizer

Players may receive a verbal offer to play on a specific team during the Evaluation Clinic. This offer is Non-Binding. Official offers will be emailed on 8/2 and 8/16 for 15-18’s and 14 & Below, respectively. If you receive a verbal offer, it is not necessary to attend the clinic on 8/2 and 8/16.

2020-2021 Evaluation Clinic Registration