2021 Tournament Information
June 19, 2020
Tournament Results
January 11, 2021

Hello North Texas Region Families and Members,

We would like to point out some reminders as we enter MLK Bid event weekend. All this information has been sent to club directors previously to send out to their coaches and parents.

  1. All NTR Match Protocols are mandatory. There are no exceptions or exemptions to the mask mandate. Players in the match do not have to mask until subbed out.
  2. After warning any team can be disqualified from the event for failure to comply. This is one warning for team not per player or parent. To be clear, any parent refusal can also lead to team disqualification. Parents may be asked to leave and take their athlete with them. The goal is to play volleyball and not to distract from that with personal views on the mandates. NTR will also evaluate if further action is needed.
  3. Any effort to manipulate the mask mandate will be treated as refusal.
  4. The alternate match formats for occupancy guidelines will require parents to work lines and keep score as their teams are playing. Club directors were polled and the  majority favored more matches with no work teams vs less matches with work teams. There will be some smaller events that may still use the normal work teams based on required space and occupancy.
  5. Each facility is different. Please check event website or facility website for more specific information regarding spectators allowed, seating and cost for entry.
  6. Teams will not be allowed to enter facility until 30 minutes prior to their match time.
  7. Off teams and parents should exit the facility. A coach can remain inside to know when team should re-enter. Once team pool play or bracket is finished all must exit the building.
  8. The NTR Spectator/Parent Code of Conduct is expected to be followed by demonstrating positive support for all players, coaches, officials and other spectators.
  9. Attendance as a participant or spectator is strictly voluntary and at your own risk. If an individual does not agree with the protocols and any additional event or facility protocols, we ask you not attend the event, program or enter the facility.
  10. Should you have any comments or concerns please talk to your club director prior to event or the facility manager or head referee at the event.

Thank you for your understanding, support and cooperation. Our goal is to make sure our NTR athletes can safely play the game they love with the requirements we have been given during this time.

Steve Carrera

Executive Director

USA Volleyball – North Texas